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Public Lands News is an independent, on-line newsletter that provides readers with an immediate in-depth understanding of powerful changes affecting public lands policy.  Public Lands News accepts no advertising and is beholden to NO special interest.  The newsletter is published by Resources Publishing Co., which is owned principally by Editor and Publisher James Coffin.  Our only goal is to provide readers with an impartial analysis of Congressional, administration and court actions affecting public lands.

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  1. Energy the administration: Oil and gas production from the public lands is one of the most contested uses of the public lands.  We will track crucial BLM and Forest Service decisions for you, as well as often-successful environmentalist litigation.

  2. Energy the Hill:  Congressional Republicans are loaded for bear, ready to campaign for a broad package of legislationto accelerate oil, gas and coal development on the public lands.  The package includes provisions that would revoke an Obama administration oil and gas program; speed APDs, speed leases, limit environmental reviews, speed oil shale leasing, and open both NPRA and ANWR to development.  Public Lands News is uniquely positioned to keep you abreast of such Congressional initiatives.

  3. ESA and NEPA: The House and Senate are trying to chip away at the groundwork of these old laws, but without success. 

  4. State and local sharing: The Obama administration and Congress (Republicans as well as Democrats) disagree on the financing of the payments-in-lieu of taxes program, the Secure Rural Schools program, and the sharing of mineral royalties.  Public Lands News is one of the few publications to cover these disputes on a regular basis.
  5. Forest policy: The Obama administration wants to group timber sales into a combined program with watershed management called

    Integrated Resources Restoration (IRR). But for the last four years Democrats and Republicans alike have rejected a full-blown program.  They have allowed pilot programs to proceed.

  6. 1872 Mining Law: For years Republicans and Democrats have attempted to negotiate a compromise program to authorize a production royalty combined with an aggressive reclamation program.  It’s an understatement to say mining policy will continue to be a hot-button issue.

  7. Range permit renewals/buy-outs: Congress has extended about-to-expire grazing permits until BLM and the Forest Service can complete environmental reviews.  Some environmentalists say they have a better idea: the federal government should buy out grazing permits.  Industry says that maybe Congress should simply waive the environmental reviews, in most cases.  We will help readers sort out the competing claims.
  8. Wilderness: Pressure is building for Congress to move huge wilderness bills for a half-dozen western states.  The measures would not only designate wilderness but would also free up WSAs for commercial uses.  The lead will have to come from state delegations; we are monitoring their negotiations.
  9. Other: We also stay abreast of other breaking public lands news such as details of money bills, implementation of a Forests Health bill, land exchanges, an outsourcing battle between OMB and the Hill, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a revised Northwest Forest Plan, President Bush’s Clean Air plan, invasive species controls, and dozens of site-specific developments.

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Public Lands News is now an on-line only publication.  A subscription provides:

  • E-mail of the newsletter every two weeks in PDF and DOC formats (up to three E-mail addresses per order) 24 times per year,
  • E-mail of 10 or more bulletins per year as news breaks, in addition to the 24 newsletters.  The bulletins are effectively small newsletters,
  • Access to our secure website where we post the current issue of Public Lands News, archives of eight years of past issues, recent IBLA decisions, recent Forest Service chief appeals decisions, important court decisions, summaries of legislation, a boxscore of legislation, a conference calendar and more.

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A one-year subscription is $297 per year.  Most of our competitors charge more than $1,000 per year.  We do accept bulk subscriptions and multi-year subscriptions.  Inquire at (703) 553-0552.

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Our subscribers represent the public lands establishment:

  • OMB
  • Most federal agencies
  • Senators
  • Senate committees
  • House members
  • House committees
  • State officials
  • Local officials
  • Mining company leaders
  • Timber company leaders
  • Ranchers
  • Recreation company leaders
  • Scholars
  • Environmental groups
  • Conservation groups
  • Attorneys
  • Lobbyists

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“Our office works closely with both Congress and federal agencies.  I see about all the publications in the natural resources field.  I wanted you to know that Public Lands News is the best of the bunch.  You consistently anticipate what is going to happen next and you know your stuff.”

Senior federal official

"If you are involved in activities on public lands, you should be reading the Public Lands News.  Published every other week, the News is one of the best ways I know to stay abreast of what's going on in the way of legislation and regulation that affects mineral, range and timber resource users.  It also reports the outcome of important cases decided by (IBLA).

Mining industry magazine

"As a lawyer specializing in public lands and federal oil and gas leasing, I know of no other publication that comes close to Public Lands News in providing a comprehensive overview of current developments in the public lands area."

Mining industry lawyer

“Very good article.  Not everyone I talk to gets it – I guess some of the RMP/leasing/APD/51,000-well project stuff can get people confused – and then add in EPA.  Anyway, this is a really good article.

Environmental attorney

“You address a number of issues very pertinent to our business that no other publication covers and you have struck a very workable balance in the depth and detail with which you cover these issues - not too much, not too little.”

Extractive industry official

“I find this a quick to read and reliable newsletter that keeps me informed on the oil and gas, range, timber and other public land issues that affect my business.”

Mining industry official

“I’ve been reading Public Lands News for 15 years.  I really value it. Public Lands News provides me with a wonderful way to keep current with  what’s happening in Washington in the public lands field.”

Natural resources professor

"PLN is the best source of info on natural resource issues
 that I have found."

Public Lands Professional

"This is the most complete, unbiased compendium of public lands issues and news published. It is accurate and timely."

Forest Service official

"I think it is excellent - just what I need to say abreast of all the issues in this broad field."


“I look for the arrival of PLN regularly as it is the best condensed version of what’s going on with public lands.”

Forest Service regional official

“Best of luck with the publications – the staff finds them very  valuable, as does the Senator.” 

Aide to western Republican

“Help.  My new office doesn’t have Public Lands News and I must get a subscription going right away.  When I go into a staff meeting I always refer to Public Lands News so that I know what is going on.  I’m lost without it.”

BLM district director

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