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Federal Parks & Recreation is an independent, on-line newsletter for professionals involved with the nation's park and recreation areas – federal, state and local.  The publication provides subscribers with the unvarnished, inside line on what changes in outdoor policy in Washington mean to them and their organizations.  Federal Parks and Recreation has been published every other week for the last 33 years.  The newsletter is published by Resources Publishing Co., which is owned principally by Editor and Publisher James Coffin.  We accept no advertising and are beholden to no special interest.

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  • Conservation spending: Advocates on the Hill and among interest groups have attempted for years to find secure funding to LWCF, UPAR, wildlife conservation, historic preservation and other programs with little or no input from appropriators.  They have had little luck.  Now LWCF is about to expire. We are in close touch for readers with both political parties on both sides of the Hill.  Federal Parks and Recreation is in close touch with administration policy makers.  And we are in close touch with the interest groups that operate behind-the-scenes.

  • Park Service policy: The Park Service in 2016 will mark its Centennial.  A broad coalition of interest groups is championing significant new funding to upgrade the system.  Meanwhile, the administration and its critics have not settled site-specific issues, such as snowmobiles, PWCs and OHVs in parks.
  • Surface transportation: The most recent highway law - Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) - provides more than $700 million per year for outdoor programs.  Much of the money goes to pedestrian and bicycle trails related to transportation.  But isn’t there always a catch?  Leading backbenchers from both the Democratic and Republican parties are demanding givebacks from MAP-21 to provide money for other programs.

  • Heritage areas: Congress continues willy-nilly to establish national heritage areas that are one step back from federal conservation areas.  More than a dozen major NHA proposals are usually on the table at any one time.  But some legislators such as Rep. Dent worry about the lack of national standards for such areas.  Federal Parks & Recreation is one of the few publications that reports consistently on this issue.

  • Federal concessions: Large NPS concessioners say Congress should intervene to guarantee them equity in improvements they make to park facilities, so-called leasehold surrender interest.  And outfitters who operate on federal lands outside national parks say Congress should give them the same rights enjoyed by concessioners in national parks.  Yes, Federal Parks & Recreation knows what leasehold surrender interest means.

  • Fee Demo: After years of stalling Congress in 2005 bit the bullet and made permanent for federal land management agencies a test entrance fee program called FeeDemo.  Now it is up for renewal.  Just about everyone agrees that entrance fees work just fine in the national parks.  The program gets in trouble in national forests, with their expansive landscapes.  The heat is on federal agencies to implement the law, including a controversial American Passport that would provide entry to all federal park and rec facilities, for a fee.
  • Other: Federal Parks & Recreation keeps readers abreast of other breaking park and rec stories, such as designation of national monuments, new ORV policies from the Forest Service and BLM, administration plans to open national forest roadless areas, a new ocean policy, duck hunting regulations, administration rules that may allow communities to claim RS 2477 roads in parks and refuges, legislation to establish a national system of federal recreation lakes, transfers of surplus federal lands to communities, new rivers and trails, and more.

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Federal Parks & Recreation is now an on-line only publication. 
A subscription provides:

  • E-mail of the newsletter every two weeks in PDF and DOC formats (up to three E-mail addresses per order) 24 times per year,

  • E-mail of 10 or more bulletins per year as news breaks, in addition to the 24 newsletters.  The bulletins are effectively small newsletters,

  • Access to our secure website where we post the current issue, archives of eight years of past issues, important court decisions, summaries of legislation, a boxscore of legislation, a conference calendar and more.

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A one-year subscription is $257 per year.
We welcome group subscriptions and multi-year subscriptions. 
Inquire at (703) 553-0552. 

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Our subscribers are a who’s who of the park and recreation establishment, and of those who carry out the establishment’s orders, to wit:

  • Office of Management and Budget
  • Most federal agencies
  • Senators
  • Senate committees
  • House members
  • House committees
  • State officials
  • Local officials
  • NPS concessioners
  • FS concessioners
  • Recreation company leaders
  • Scholars
  • Environmental groups
  • Conservation groups
  • Attorneys
  • Lobbyists

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