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IBLA Decisions

    The following decisions were issued by the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) in the last three months.  They are in pdf format.  Just click on individual cases to bring them up.  The decisions are presented sequentially by date with the oldest decision first and the most recent decision last.  It is our intent to update the listing every fortnight.  For more information about the decisions contact: Interior Board of Land Appeals, 801 North Quincy St., MS 300-QC, Arlington, VA 22203.  Phone (703) 235-3799.

165IBLA313 Donna Friedman 5-2-2005.pdf (Mining Claim Occupancy)

165IBLA328 Premco Western, Inc. 5-5-2005.pdf (Oil and Gas Production)

165IBLA342 U.S. v Robert W. and Marjorie E. Miller 5-9-2005.pdf (Mining Claim Contest)

165IBLA386 Stephen Miller v. BLM 5-10-2005.pdf (Grazing Use)

165IBLA395 West Virginia Highlands Conservancy 5-13-2005.pdf (Coal mining inspection)

166IBLA001 Eric Lundquest 5-16-2005.pdf (Hard rock maintenance fee)

166IBLA005 California State Controller 5-18-2005.pdf (Crude oil royalties)

166IBLA017 Larry G. Andrus, Jr. 5-25-2005.pdf (Hard rock assessment work)

166IBLA021 City of Sparks 5-31-2005.pdf (Mineral materials)

166IBLA030 Western Watershed Project v. BLM.6-9-2005.pdf (Grazing permit)

166IBLA039 West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, Inc. 6-9-2005.pdf (Coal mining)

166IBLA050 Elizabeth Box 6-14-2005.pdf (Wild horse adoption)

166IBLA065 Dona Jeanette Ong (On Recon) 6-14-2005.pdf (Desert land entry)

166IBLA069 Matthew (Mattew) Helit 6-20-2005.pdf (Mining claim)

166IBLA078 Benton C. Cavin 6-22-2005.pdf (Survey)

166IBLA084 United States v. Angeline Galbraith 6-24-2005.pdf (Alaska native allotment)

166IBLA111Citicasters Co. 6-24-2005.pdf (Communications ROW)

166IBLA120 Peter Blair 6-30-2005.pdf (Mining Claims/Trespass)

166IBLA128 John Koldjeski 7-6-05.pdf (Geothermal lease)

166IBLA131BlueDophin Exploration Company 7-8-2005.pdf (OCS safety)

166IBLA140 Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, et. al. 7-12-2005.pdf (Water Project)

166IBLA180 Hilma M. McKinnon 7-12-2005.pdf (Alaska Native Claim)

166IBLA187 John Steen 7-19-2005.pdf (Mineral Materials)

166IBLA193 Linda Fowler 7-19-2005.pdf (Wild Horses and Burros)

166IBLA197 Charles W. Nolen 7-26-2005.pdf (Land Exchange)

166IBLA210 State Of South Dakota 7-27-2005.pdf (Survey)

166IBLA227 Exxon Mobil Corp. 7-28-2005.pdf (Royalty late payment)

166IBLA234 David M. Stanton 7-28--2005.pdf (Land rental)

166IBLA239 Fred T. Angasan 8-3-2005.pdf

166IBLA249 Leadville Corp. 8-5-2005.pdf (Hard rock mining)

166IBLA257 Quinton Douglas 8-11-2005.pdf (Dependent resurvey)

166IBLA270 Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance 8-16-2005.pdf (Oil and gas leases)

166IBLA292 Ralph Eason et. al. v. BLM 8-16-2005.pdf (Grazing)

166IBLA297 Rivers Edge Trust 8-23-2005.pdf (Hard rock mining)

166IBLA306 Las Vegas Mining Facility, Inc. 8-25-2005.pdf (Mining claim occupancy)

166IBLA316 Darrell Ceciliani 8-31-2005.pdf (Unintentional trespass)

166IBLA329 Two Bay Petroleum, Inc. 9-2-2005.pdf (Oil and gas production)

166IBLA347 United States v. Milan Martinek 9-13-2005.pdf (Hard rock mining contest)

167IBLA001 Seneca Resources Corporation 9-15-2005.pdf  (Offshore oil and gas)

167IBLA17 Vastar Resources, Inc. 9-26-2005.pdf (Oil and gas royalty)

167IBLA39 Steve H. Crooks and Era Lea Crooks 9-27-2005.pdf (Hard rock patent)

167IBLA48 Bark (In Re Rusty Saw Timber Sale) 9-29-2005.pdf (Timber sale)

167IBLA82 Lisa Tucker 9-29-2005.pdf (Hard rock mining)

167IBLA93 F.W.A. Holdings, Inc. 9-30-2005.pdf (Hard rock mining)

167IBLA103 Recon Mining Company, Inc. 10-6-2005.pdf (Hard rock mining)

167IBLA112 Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. 10-13-2005.pdf (Right-of-way)

167IBLA136 Lynn Canal Conservation, Inc. 10-19-2005.pdf (Skiing permit)

167IBLA148 Bart G. Ahsogeak, et. al. 10-26-2005.pdf (Native claim)

167IBLA156 State of Alaska 10-27-2005.pdf (Native easement)

167IBLA174 U.S. Forest Service 10-27-2005.pdf (Native claim)

167IBLA185 Mona Sindelar 10-28-2005.pdf (Visitor center)

167IBLA193 L. Joel Netolicky 11-9-2005.pdf (Mining claims)

167IBLA200 Richard S. & Cathy L. Maddock (on reconsideration) 11-15-2005 (Coal mining)

167IBLA226 John J. Estabrook 11-17-2005.pdf (Alaska Native allotment)

167IBLA232 Rock Crawlers Association of America 11-23-2005.pdf (Recreation permit)

167IBLA239 Frank Robbins d.b.a. High Island Ranch 11-30-2005.pdf (Grazing and recreation)

Forest Service Chief’s Environmental Appeal Decisions            

     The Forest Service chief issued the following environmental appeal decisions in the last six months.  To view all chief’s decisions back to 1996 go to  To access all Forest Service environmental appeals decisions go to

Uinta 8-31-04.pdf (Uintah National Forest Land and Resource Management

      Plan Revision)

White River 9-15-04.pdf (White River National Forest Revised Land and          Resource Management Plan)

Sierra Nevada 11-18-04.pdf (Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment)

White River 12-2-04.pdf  (Discretionary Review of Appeal Decisions for the       White River National Forest Revised Land and Resource Management       Plan)

Black River 12-06-94.pdf (Proposed Black River Land Exchange)

Wasatch-Cache 3-9-05.pdf (Land and Resource Management Plan Revision)

Boise 3-9-05.pdf (Land and Resource Management Plan Revision)

Payette 3-9-05.pdf (Land and Resource Management Plan Revision)

Sawtooth 3-9-05.pdf (Land and Resource Management Plan Revision)

Sumter 4-28-05.pdf (Wild River Boating)

Chippewa 8-8-05.pdf (Land and Resource Management Plan Revision)

Superior 8-8-05.pdf (Land and Resource Management Plan Revision)

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