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Index to Public Lands News of November 9, 2018

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* POLLSTERS GET IT RIGHT, FOR ONCE.  Dems win a majority in House and GOP retains control of Senate.  Grijalva promises to go after Zinke, et al.  House subcommittee chairs uncertain.  Familiar faces in Senate?

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* GOP MUST MAKE HAY IN LAME DUCK.  With Democratic capture of House, the fall/winter session gives GOP best shot at energy and ESA changes.

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* BLM MODIFIES O&G POLICY IN ROCKIES.  In response to magistrate’s decision it pulls parcels from huge lease sales in sage-grouse habitat.

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* IBLA IS BACK IN BUSINESS AFTER LUCIA.  DoI resolves uncertain status of judges by having the secretary ratify their appointment on his own.

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* ZINKE WANTS DOI REORGANIZATION BY JULY.  Would consolidate field offices and put them under jurisdiction of regions.  Dems may have a say.

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* ZINKE INVESTIGATION GOES TO JUSTICE.  IG asks a review of proposed real estate deal in Montana.  Grijalva promises his own investigation.

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* COLORADANS REJECT FRACKING RESTRICTIONS.  Voters vote no to 2,500-foot limits near schools, hospitals, homes, parks, etc. on private land.

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