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Index to Public Lands News of March 2, 2018

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* DOI REORG MAY FOLLOW STATE BOUNDARIES.  New proposal would keep most interagency offices within state boundaries.  Govs more mollified.

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* CRITICAL MINERALS BILL FASTER ON PERMITS.  Than internal reforms taken by DoI because of NEPA, ESA limitations.  But bill faces own obstacles.

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* MURKOWSKI AND COMPANY ASK QUICK ANWR SALE.  Even earlier than the four-year deadline in law.  DoI royalty panel agrees.  New EIS language?

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* BEARS EARS FOSSIL DISCOVERY PROMPTS QUESTIONS.  Significant deposit inside area excluded from monument by Trump.  Hill may codify Trump action.

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* COURT BLOCKS METHANE RULE DELAY.  Judge says one-year suspension would harm environment.  Says damage would outweigh savings to operators.

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* DOI ROYALTY COMMITTEE CONSIDERS NEW STANDARDS.  Subcommittee recommends revised method for valuing coal production.  Dems charge bias.

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* APPROPS AGREEMENT NOT A HARD GUARANTEE.  Even though Congress settles top-line funding, plenty of political disputes/riders not resolved.

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* GOP WANTS MORE-CERTAIN WAIVERS FOR WALL.  Promoting legislation to lock in exemptions from ESA, NEPA and other laws.  Court backs old waivers.

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* BLM FILLS IN SOME DETAILS OF IM.  Tells us that time to review parcels prior to lease could be reduced from as much as 18 months to six.

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